Have you done the planning you need to do to have your best November on record?

Have you done the planning you need to do to have your best November on record?

When I owned Wee Squeak, I learned that I was in control of my sales.
That I didn’t have to just take what came my way.
That really, I was in charge of what happened and that if I showed up consistently and had a plan, the results were mine.

Black Friday, and every year I owned the company, I made it my mission to make it the best year ever in terms of both sales and profit. My first few Black Fridays were kind of ho-hum, but my last few? Amazing. Home runs.

And over the years, it became pretty clear to me what the difference was between ho-hum and home run results.

There were three things I did that changed everything.

#1: Craft a simple, clear offer for the whole weekend

  • Too much talking means too much thinking for your customer, and that’s a conversion killer
  • Make sure a 10 year old can understand it.
  • No gymnastics at the checkout
  • One line – memorable

Here’s an example of a couple of good offers:

  • 25% off, site wide
  • Buy one, get the 2nd 50% off

And these, not so good:

  • 25% off Friday, Free gift Saturday, Free shipping Monday
  • 25% off excluding XYZ
  • 25% off tops, 15% off bottoms, free shipping over $100

#2: Create a List building Event Now

Build your list now, before the holidays. Time after time, I see email as the top converting source of traffic. This is your opportunity to add in a bunch of new contacts that will be recent and therefore more engaged.

At Wee Squeak, our email traffic converted at 7%.

Simply put, every 1000 more emails I could collect before Black Friday = 70 more sales

Armed with this knowledge, it’s a no brainer to run an event designed to get emails.
Consider partnering with someone who shares a similar customer.
Do it now!

#3: Build a Black Friday VIP list

Why? Because when you tell people what to expect, they’re more likely to take action.
And when you create a new level of service or exclusivity, people love it.

Take the time to create this list and expect open rates and sales to double when you send your VIP email.

So – let’s wrap this up…

Go grab a notebook and write it down.

  1. One simple clear offer
  2. Build your list now
  3. Build a Black Friday VIP list

I challenge you to invest a couple of hours building out a plan – and watch what happens!
You know I love to hear from you, so please get to work, and report back with your results!

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Struggling to find ideas for email marketing? Take a look.

Struggling to find ideas for email marketing? Take a look.

If you are struggling to find ideas for email marketing, take a look, and JUST START.

It is the most effective path to conversion.

I thought you all might like a peek at how we upped our email marketing game at Wee Squeak.

At Wee Squeak, between 40% and 50% of our revenue was attributed to our email program.

Our plan had always used a combination of email funnels, which brought us reliable sales every day, and events, where we used social media activities and email campaigns to give us the sales spikes that help us meet our goals.

This is our Reliable Revenue method, and we will be offering the program again later this year for those of you that want to set this up in your business.

But, I attended a Klaviyo (*Affiliate Link*) workshop in NYC a last year. It really helped me see that we could do even more to mine sales from our list.

So, for the next 60 days, I experimented and the results were impressive.

What I did:

I pulled small segments from our list and sent them emails.

For example, I pulled this audience:

People who have made a purchase from our “Shop Girls” Collection over all time.


These people have not purchased one particular sandal in the previous 120 Days.

Then we sent a super simple email about the sandal. No discounted offer, just the sandal.

I’ve added a screenshot of our results on Day One. We didn’t set the world on fire, but we got results.

And here’s the big deal:

I did this same thing 8 times in 8 consecutive weeks.

Total free traffic to our site: 2132 (clicks)
Total extra sales from 8 campaigns: $3755.

That’s an average of an extra $469 each week.

If we did it every week, we could potentially get an extra $24k in a year.

How could you start?

Maybe you could simply take a list of people who’ve purchased anything from you in the past year and send them an email about one product for 4 weeks in a row.

Make it super simple – I’ve posted an example of the email above.

I’d love to hear how you’re using email. Comment below.

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The Secret to Conversion in Less than 10 Minutes

The Secret to Conversion in Less than 10 Minutes

What if I told you that you could unlock some key information about your website visitors from Google Analytics in just 7 Clicks?

Information so critical that you could use it to ramp up your sales without spending more money on ads.

This Google Analytics report is easy, AND it can really tell you something about new and returning customers that you probably didn’t know before.

The best part? You don’t need to be an expert analyst or a big number cruncher. Why should we complicate things when they’re simple and easy?

In 7 easy clicks, I’ll show you:

  • A simple report that reveals data about New and Returning visitors
  • Why it’s super important (and most people don’t even know this)
  • Ideas on how you can amplify sales by focusing on particular groups of visitors

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Recover abandoned carts. Simple changes you can implement today.

Recover abandoned carts. Simple changes you can implement today.

How to recover more abandoned carts?  (get the case study here)

It’s a hot topic for the members of our Inner Circle.

So we took a look at what we were doing at Wee Squeak, and came up with some strategies that everyone could easily implement – like in an afternoon easy!

We spent a few hours, made some changes, and let it roll.

And guess what happened?

We recovered FOUR times more abandoned carts than we did before we made the changes.

So, at first I felt kind of silly for missing this. But then I realized lots of people miss it.

And it’s something I can share, and you can dig in and get it done.

So – click the link, download the report, and get it done.

It’s a quick and easy way to get more sales without spending a dime!


15 Minute Feedback Featuring: Haha No Yume

15 Minute Feedback Featuring: Haha No Yume

Majorie sells adorable kimonos for babies and toddlers. She has some of the very best lifestyle images I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’d say that her images scream “buy me”.

A quick look at Majorie’s stats in Google Analytics tells us that the user experience on her site is pretty good. She’s got decent traffic, and people visit several pages on her site.

On the surface, everything looks great, but the reality is that there’s a conversion problem.

Despite her solid traffic, and her decent stats, Majorie’s conversion rate is well below 1%, and she’s frustrated.

Watch the video and see:

  • The two Google Analytics reports you need to watch when you want more conversions.
  • How to find the low hanging fruit – the people that are ripe and ready to convert
  • How to up your lead generation skills – without spending a dime.
  • The fastest way to increase conversion – and it’s free.

Members of the Inner Circle have the opportunity to have Susan review their website and provide them with three actionable steps to get more website traffic.

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Did we finally get 5000 unique visitors last week? Details inside.

Did we finally get 5000 unique visitors last week? Details inside.

Are you wondering if we finally got 5000 unique visitors for Wee Squeak last week?

Watch the video, and you’ll find out:

  • Did we finally get the 5000 unique visits I’ve been chasing?
  • What we did that doubled our sales from Facebook ads this week.
  • My best advice on how you can set up a campaign that leads to conversion

Watch and see!