A Program designed for radical transformations in our businesses and ourselves.


Join me for this twelve month, exclusive Mentoring program for 6 and 7 figure store owners. Together, we’ll create a strategic plan that is designed to reach your business goals. 

Be in the room with other successful store owners as we implement our plans together.


We are a community of:
6-7 figure, self-made women business owners
From U.S., Canada and UK
Stores from a variety of niches: Bath & Body, Food, Home Decor, Pet, Fashion, Jewelry, Subscription Boxes and more…

Together we:
Commit to no longer playing small
Normalize success, by setting and achieving big goals
Do the hard work and challenge our assumptions
Support, teach and connect with like-minded business women
Celebrate our wins



Will you join us?

What our members have to say about the experience and results of the Mastermind Accelerator program: 


“That I’m doing the right things, I’ve just been playing small”

“How important it is to be surrounded by like-minded women who support each other. I don’t have much of that outside this group, and seeing others in the group do such amazing things reminds me it’s possible for me too.”

“I know it’s not for everyone, but I do love sharing and hearing numbers with others. Not to COMPARE but to be able to visualize what I want, and normalize the possibilities.”

“I need to slow down, take a step back and think more strategically.”

“Clarity and commitment. I need a clear path and steps to move forward – I’m not great with nebulous visions. Once I have a clear picture of what I need to to and why, I can move forward. Also, it just feels good to be with like-minded and similarly driven business owners. I sometimes feel so isolated and am glad I went out of my comfort zone to participate.”


“Normalize thinking as big as the women in this room. Because we’re extraordinary, and we need to surround ourselves with extraordinary people.”

“I will say that intentional or not, this group is very well curated. I feel like we are all similiar and diverse enough to learn and be challenged by each other. There’s so much support”

“I still walked away with a feeling that collectively the group teaches me so much. I also felt that I was surrounded with the support I needed to give myself permission to stop fighting my ideal audience (that was only in my head) and start following what our actual customers want. I need to start following my intuition more and get out of my own way.”

“Being together. building relationships. speaking my language to other women who understand the language. real-time spontaneous conversations.”


“I particularly enjoyed the feeling of having coaches there who were very approachable during the event. There’s something about being able to work together in person that was really terrific.”

“I was so happy to have a chance to meet and chat with you Susan. I’m really so grateful to have you as a coach – the way you encourage and support everyone and are direct, kind and understanding with all of your advice is a rare thing and I appreciate it so much.”

“Susan, you are good at teaching … you can hover over all our blah blah and see us clearly… and give us concrete steps… Steps that we in turn want to act on.”


“The retreat was amazing and as much as I was excited and looking forward to it, I didn’t realize just how badly I needed this time away with the whole gang. It really left me feeling energized and inspired.

“Having the ability to relax but discuss everyone’s businesses in a non working setting allowed amazing ideas and collaborations to occur.”

“My most valuable time was spent with individual conversations. I had some time with some people that were very direct about my business, and very transparent with their own businesses. These conversations intertwined with the rest of the events and made the entire experience valuable. Listening to others was such an inspiration and helped me gain a clearer path to where I need to steer my business.”

The Mastermind Experience Includes:

  • Two in person, 3 day Retreats
  • 12 months of mentorship
  • Private Telegram channel for immediate help
  • Monthly calls with Susan and the group
  • Access to vetted e-commerce experts
  • Personal mentorship from Susan
  • Structured planning framework for growth
  • Curated group of like-minded women

The right mastermind is a game-changer.

Entrepreneurs who are at the top of their industry all have one thing in common. Ask them all about their support network, and they’ll tell you that they belong to a mastermind group.

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