You’re excited about the potential of your business. You feel like you’re on the brink of getting everything you want—financial independence, flexibility, and freedom.

But, you’re probably worried. You don’t want to fail and running your business can be lonely. You’d feel more comfortable if you had an expert to tell you that you’re doing it right.

If you just had the step-by-step instructions, you’d be able to take control of your business and finally have success on Shopify.

I understand because I’ve been exactly where you are. But now I pay myself well and I have grown and sold two businesses.

Hi! I’m Susan Bradley, the founder of The Social Sales Girls. I built our Inner Circle because business owners like us need a clear path to success. In the Inner Circle, you’ll find lessons that are actionable and a community to get feedback as you build your traffic and sales.

Once upon a time, I had a great job. But when I reached a crossroads in life, I took a leap of faith, and never looked back.

I took control and bet on myself.

When my job was eliminated, I borrowed $12K from family and started on my entrepreneurial journey.

As a wife and mom of three, building a business on my terms was born out of a desire for meaningful work that helped support our family and to be available for my kids.

Twenty years later, I sold my first business.

Listen, I’ve had some amazing wins and a couple of epic fails. But I want you to know that it’s all been worth it.

In fact, I love how it feels to grow a business so after I sold my first business I jumped into my next project.

I bought one of my favorite companies, Wee Squeak.
I knew and loved the product, so when I had a chance to buy the company, I didn’t think twice – I was all in.

But it wasn’t perfect.

After nine straight years of double-digit growth, and despite having more than 800 wholesale accounts, the company was struggling for the first time ever—sales were down significantly, and it was losing money.

I set out on a mission to rebuild the company in a way that worked for me. I wanted to work from anywhere, provide a good income for others, and be able to pay myself well.

Over the next year, we phased out $1M of wholesale revenue and focused on selling online using Shopify, growing our audience, and building a solid foundation, step-by-step.

As we carved out a new path—often taking baby steps, I created a Facebook group for Shopify store owners as a place to share our progress as we built sales back up.

When I connected with other online store owners, I realized that even though there was no shortage of slick sales training, nobody was teaching the basics. No one was outlining the steps you can’t skip—the steps you have to take so that you can build a solid foundation.

Where were all the lessons on mastering the skills to help bring in predictable and reliable sales every day of the year?

If you don’t understand how to get traffic to your site and get web visitors to click the “buy” button, and you don’t have a marketing plan, your business is on shaky ground.

And even the best, most complicated sales funnel won’t work if you can’t drive traffic.

I set out to change that, and the Inner Circle was born.

Since then, I’ve taught thousands of people how to find their audience and turn website traffic into paying customers by consistently implementing the strategies we teach.

We created a community with The Inner Circle.

When we launched the Inner Circle, we finally had a close-knit community of business owners who were ready to build a solid foundation and grow their business.

Today, Inner Circle Members build businesses that give them the flexibility they crave and the paychecks they deserve.

Look, I’m a straight shooter. And I’m here to tell you there’s no magic bullet—no fancy funnel, no miracle training. Our members know that by simply putting their heads down, and doing the work, one deliberate step at a time, they’ll get sales and the success they really want.

I’ve always loved the flexibility of this work. For many years, I’ve had the luxury of earning an income and creating the life I choose. I love that I’ve never missed a kid’s class trip or doctor appointment even though I managed a business.

And I want that for you too.

I have a soft spot for helping all parents who want to get away from the 9-to-5 and be available for their families—All while having a career that lights them up.

I’m grateful to have built a sustainable business.

When I’m not working, I’m working (no really), I’m connecting with Inner Circle members and cheering shop owners on along their entrepreneurial journies. Now that our children are grown up, I have the freedom to work at the beach several months each winter. (Yes, really.)

And if you’re still wondering if you really can do this…

The short answer is YES!

And guess what?

I’m going to do it all over again.


And if you’d love a backstage pass to watch a brand new business take off on Shopify…

Ready to make real progress?

See what our members are saying about the Inner Circle

I love this genuinely honest group and am learning a lot about how to plan, think about and analyze my business. I’m finally less afraid of trying new things and screwing up since learning how to earn business the right way.

Trish Setlik

The Up Filer

Since joining Inner Circle I’ve increased my web traffic, sales, and email and social media engagement. No one can do this business thing alone so I enjoy having access to the resources and great advice.

Pascale Gagnon

The Pink Poster