Get my new course, Conversion School

Get my new course, Conversion School

Learn our step by step process to grow your sales,

without spending a fortune on risky ad strategies,

or discounting your products

Create a reliable, predictable income when you build it the right way.

The Social Sales Girls’ Inner Circle is a community built with a clear path to success and actionable lessons for business owners who want more traffic and sales on Shopify.

You need to show the world that you’re serious about building your Shopify store.
And you’re tired of messing around with complicated marketing strategies and gambling on ads that don’t work.
All while you’re trying to stay calm as you watch your competitors rise to success.
You simply want someone to tell you what steps to take in order to get results.

Grab your backstage pass and watch behind the scenes as we build a brand new business from $0 to $50k in sales on Shopify.

Here’s how we can work together


Get the map that will lead you to eCommerce success. With step-by-step lessons, 1:1 Coaching calls, and a supportive community to help you along the way.



Work with us in this 8-week fully supported course. Get predictable, reliable sales every day when you build a Reliable Revenue Marketing system for your Store.


Susan leads this exclusive Mentoring Program for 6 and 7-figure store owners. Create a strategic plan for your Business in a collaborative, supportive group of your peers. Be in the room when big things happen at our in-person retreats and monthly brainstorming sessions.


Get on track for more sales without a big budget. Four short, actionable video Lessons that are completely free, and yours to keep. No strings attached.


Stop Feeling you’re throwing away your hard earned cash. We’ll show you how to create ads on Facebook and Instagram that will grow your audience and get them clicking! Get up to date, step by step lessons in this easy to implement, self study course.


Be the first to hear what’s working to get more sales right now. Come listen, as each week Susan shares tips that will grow your sales. You’ll walk away with strategies that you can take and apply to your store.

Get started with my E-commerce Roadmap.
I’ll tell you exactly what to do in 4 short video lessons.
Do the work, you’ll get some results, and you’ll be on the right track.