Even though so many of us love to hate pop-ups, the fact remains that they are the single best way to collect a lot of great quality leads.

The quality of the leads from a pop-up is superior to most other points of entry because they are already pre qualified. They’ve visited your website, and that indicates a high degree of interest In most cases there is a lower barrier to converting those leads into paying customers.

At Wee Squeak, we were able to generate more than 1000 leads every single month from the pop-up on our site. We did it by driving good quality traffic to our site, and relied on the pop-up to convert the most interested people into leads.

I’m doing the same thing with my new business, Sock Doggo. Even though I’m just starting out, I’m already seeing results. At Sock Doggo, 28% of our sales are coming from an email lead.

That’s not bad, but my goal is to get that number to 40%.

I love this strategy because it makes me feel like I have control. I can use inexpensive ads to drive traffic to my site, and then I get my sales from email marketing.

We help our Inner Circle members create pop-ups that really work, but I also want to be sure that they have a way to measure and improve their results.

Here are the 3 metrics I think you should be checking every week:

1) Engagement Rate:

This number is based on your impressions. It’s the percentage of people that saw the pop-up that took action and signed up.

Industry average: 3%

With a good creative and solid offer you should be able to get a much higher rate. In the Inner Circle, we aim for (and get) between 5% and 9%.

Tip: If your engagement is less than 5%, check your creative.

  • Make sure the focal point is the offer, don’t lead with “Sign up for our Newsletter”
  • Add in a tab that appears on every Page. Make sure the offer is on the tab.
  • Ask for the minimum of information, Remember, it’s very likely that the reader is viewing your pop-up on a phone.

2) Engaged Conversion Rate:

This number is based on the number of people who engaged with your pop-up. It’s the percentage of people who submitted their email address that actually completed a purchase.

I look for Engaged Conversion rates of between 10% and 20%. If you are in that range, pat yourself on the back! Great job!

Tip: If your engaged conversion rate is less than 10%, check:

  • Your user experience. If you’re using a discount code, does it appear immediately after the user submits their email? Is it easy to copy?
  • Do you have an email automation in place to send out the code to the user immediately?

Often people are not in a place where they can complete a purchase. Make sure you send them their code in a plain text email, so you have the best chance of hitting the inbox and getting a sale.

3) Impressions vs Traffic

Often I see store owners that think that their pop-up isn’t working because they are collecting very few emails. If this happens to you, the first thing to check is Impressions vs Traffic.

In many cases, the pop-up rules are set incorrectly and it can significantly impact the number of people that actually see your pop-up.

Tip: If your Impressions are less than 70% of your total traffic, try this:

  • Set your desktop rules for 12 seconds on site (not on Page)
  • Make sure you have a tab with the offer show immediately on mobile and desktop on all pages except cart, checkout, and special landing pages.

And finally, here’s a little secret that most people don’t know about pop-ups and conversion:

Industry data reports that a user needs to see your pop-up three times before they engage and subscribe to your list.

Give yourself an advantage by:

  • Setting the rules for the pop-up to show on every visit
  • Increase the frequency of web visits by devoting 30% of your ad budget to a recent web visitor audience.

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