I want you to meet someone special, because I think you’ll get huge value from her story.

Madeline’s business, Colorful Cute,  has been very much a side hustle since she opened her shop in 2017.

Like so many of us, she was busy with her day job, 3 kids, and all the things.

And really, her results weren’t great. Last September, she only had sales of $152.

But earlier this year, she made 3 changes that made all the difference.

This past September, her sales were $3,569.

She’s on track to do even more this month.

Here’s why you’ll find Madeline’s strategy so compelling:

It won’t cost a thing. Just your time.

Here’s what Madeline changed:

First, she decided to hold herself to a higher standard (this is the brilliant part).

She realized that the standard of work, the consistency, the follow up, and the strategy she was using in her own business would never cut it for her employer.

She made a decision to show up at her own business, and perform like a manager should, even though she wasn’t able to work full time hours, she was able to schedule her time, and give her best effort.

Once she changed her mindset, and decided to show up as a manager, she gave herself permission to stop doing all the things. Instead, she took a good look at what was working for Colorful Cute, and decided to double down on only that, and leave the rest.

Lastly, she did a deep dive and did the legwork to understand exactly who her customer is, where they hang out, what they talk about, even the words they use, and then she put together a plan to engage with them consistently on Instagram.

Once she had the plan, Madeline got super focused, and consistent on just those few things. 

And now, instead of struggling to get a few orders a week, she feels like she’s just scratched the surface, and the potential for her success is huge!

Watch here to get all the details of Madeleine’s plan.


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