Ilse’s doing a lot right and she has the results to prove it.

Since she joined the Inner Circle in January, her sales have more than quadrupled!

Her traffic is strong, at more than 10K monthly web visitors, a great average order value of about $55, and a solid repeat customer rate of 33%.

She’s winning!

And she’s achieved all of this even though she has a small market in Costa Rica, where e-commerce is much less common than in the USA.

Even though she’s got so many successes in her business, Ilse applied for 15 Minute Feedback because there’s one thing she’d really like to change this year.

It’s her Conversion Rate. Even though she’s doubled it since January, it’s still just over 1%.

I had a look, and then we jumped on a call to talk about how Ilse can make progress.

Watch as we dive deep into Ilse’s business and come up with three things she can implement now.


In this video you will learn:

1) The #1 thing she must do to improve her conversion rate (I bet you could do this too!).

2) How I think she can double down on what’s already working in her business to bump up her conversion rate, without spending a dime.

3) How she can get more sales by adding in one small strategy to her regular marketing plan.

Members of the Inner Circle have the opportunity to have Susan review their website and provide them with three actionable steps to get more website traffic.

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