In this episode of 15 Minute Feedback, I’m chatting with our Inner Circle member Abigail Stout

Abigail Stout owns:

She creates the most magical realms with her sweet miniature fairy gardens.

Abigail is literally buried in work, and it’s giving her palpitations. She’s stressed to the max and feels like she just can’t get it all done.

She’s been following the program in the Inner Circle, and she is thrilled that she’s created a vibrant business using the training, but now she’s got a different problem.

Abigail is a Maker, and she simply can’t make all the products and do the marketing and ship all the orders. She’s stuck.

Sound familiar?

When she posted about her struggles in the Inner Circle, I knew I could help her get past this bump in the road, feel better, and get a plan to grow her sales without creating more stress.

And, she can do it without spending a fortune.

Watch and see:

1) An easy and proven way to find the perfect person to look after your social media posting, so that you continue to get free traffic but won’t have to stress about not getting it done.

2) How to get a month’s worth of email marketing done in a few hours.

3) The fastest way to get more sales by doing this one thing – it’s simple and it works!

Members of the Inner Circle have the opportunity to have Susan review their website and provide them with three actionable steps to get more website traffic.

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