In this episode of 15 Minute Feedback, I’m chatting with our Inner Circle member Julie Drake.

Julie owns
Here’s how she describes her business:

“I sell fancy, comfy nightgowns to millennial women. We launched in June 2019 with 3 nightgown styles (all designed and manufactured by me). We also offer some robes/cardigans to go over the nightgowns that I purchased wholesale and resell on my website.”

Julie is feeling a little stuck even though she’s ready to take her business to the next level.

“Things have been going ok, but I need help figuring out what to do next. I feel like it’s time to start developing nightgown styles for the next collection, but we don’t yet have the cash to fund production of a new collection. Would love to discuss this with Susan and get some feedback!“

Once I got some more information, we found out that there are three big clues about Julie’s next steps. That’s the good news.

The bigger issue is that she needs to bring in more new product and she doesn’t have the cashflow to do it. It’s a common problem for us store owners, so we talked about:

  1. How she can raise some quick cash to get her started
  2. The event she can create next month to keep sales coming
  3. Two options for a long term growth strategy, so she can stop worrying about cash flow and spend more time on marketing her business

Watch below to get all the details:

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