Every year I talk about the Tribe Experience and what it’s done for my business.

But, what I bet you don’t know is that 4 years ago, before Tribe, I was making plans to shut down the Social Sales Girls.

My Shopify store was growing nicely, I was paying myself well, and it was profitable.

I’d finally got it to a place where it was easy.

But the (Social Sales Girls) Inner Circle. Not so much.

At the time, we had about 60 members (bless you if you remember this) and I was flopping around, trying to figure out how I could help my members grow their shops without working 24/7.

I felt like I was tap dancing on thin ice. every. single. day.

And then one day, an Inner Circle member ( thank you, Jennifer ) asked me if I’d heard of Stu McLaren and Tribe.

A few days later, I was enrolled in the Tribe Experience. I figured I had nothing to lose.

It was sink or swim.

And what happened is magical.

A few months later, I relaunched the Inner Circle, and began this incredible journey.

Today I believe that every business owner should build some recurring revenue into their business model. (Bonus points for doing it using digital products and services)

Many of our Inner Circle Members are doing just that.

  • They are teaching people their craft
  • They are creating VIP Memberships
  • They are creating “project of the Month” Memberships
  • And, they are shipping Subscription Boxes every month.

And now they have income security that most store owners can only dream about.

Last week I sat down with Stu McLaren, the founder of Tribe, and we had a chat about all the ways people are creating recurring revenue. Even people who sell products!

You can get a taste of what’s ahead by watching here:

I’m inviting you to join the Tribe workshop with me. I want you to see first hand what is possible for you. I want you to see how you might add a recurring revenue stream for a digital product or service.

Get registered here. It starts tomorrow!

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