As eCommerce store owners, most of us have been in a position to grow by leaps and bounds over the last two years. We all need to take stock and be grateful. I think every one of us needs to take stock and look at the number of new customers we’ve gained since March 2020.

We have been lucky when Business owners in many other industries have struggled just to remain open.

But with the world opening up, 2022 is turning out to be a tougher year for growth for most of us.

So we need to make some changes to the work we do.

I want you to flip your thinking about the value of quick wins vs playing the long game.

Over the next few weeks – I will share what’s working now to get more sales- for our members and for me.

The episodes will be actionable episodes, so grab a pen and make some notes.

Today I’m encouraging you to think strategically about your business.

Get focused on generating more leads every day.

I’ll tell you how. It’s not so hard!

Get a Plan to Grow Your Sales Every Month

Stop wondering if you’re “doing it right” and learn how to grow your sales in a consistent, predictable way. Spend 40 minutes with me in this eye opening workshop, and you’ll leave with a few simple steps that will grow your sales next month. Find a time that works for you.

How to scale your sales. Episode 165

How to scale your sales. Episode 165

What is “scaling” In ecommerce businesses, scaling happens when your sales increase sharply, but your inventory and expenses do not increase at the same rate. Generally scaling happens when you create a “scalable” offer. It can be a product, or a collection, or a...

How to have more cash in your Business. Episode 164

How to have more cash in your Business. Episode 164

It’s  the embarrassing little secret that ecommerce store owners don’t like to talk about.Why do we always feel broke? It is so frustrating, embarrassing, and it causes us so much stress. It’s important that we talk about it, because for most of us, when we get into a...

Get Sales Now. Episode 163

Get Sales Now. Episode 163

Today I’m chatting with Sylvie Roy the founder of Eclair Lips. Sylvie is sharing the story of how she used a templated event that she pulled from the “Get Sales Now” unit inside of the Inner Circle Classroom. Last month Sylvie used the “Mystery Box” event (formerly...