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The Monthly Marketing Task That Skyrocketed ToyCycle’s Results

I sat down recently to speak to Rhonda Collins, founder of ToyCycle, a resale marketplace that offers a sustainable shopping solution to parents of young children by selling new and gently used toys and baby gear. As a mom of twins, Rhonda knew firsthand how chaotic and overwhelming keeping small children is, and she founded ToyCycle to take some of the stress and overwhelm out of shopping for toys that were both entertaining and sustainable.

Rhonda has been in the Inner Circle for over a year, but she was mostly flying under the radar, quietly doing the work. Then one day she showed up in our Facebook group with some Year-Over-Year results that completely blew my mind. Sales up 138%. Traffic up 71%. Average Order Value up 36%. And the list goes on.

So I knew I needed to get her on the podcast to find out how she did it.

The One Thing That Changed Everything

If you’re like most of our members, you hear the term “Sales Funnel” and your eyes glaze over, or you envision a bro marketer in front of a whiteboard talking gibberish. Maybe you thought it didn’t apply to your ecommerce store, or maybe you suspected it did but had no idea what it meant. Rhonda felt the same way.

But when she first began the Inner Circle program, the “Big Picture” training (that’s our way of saying sales funnel) completely blew her mind.


The sales funnel is perhaps the most important thing that I’ve taken from the program at this point. You look at the data, you put all of this together in a picture, you see the funnel, and you can understand what’s missing and where you need to work. ”



After watching the training and looking at her numbers, Rhonda was crystal clear on where her focus should be and what she needed to do next. She says that every single month without exception she takes the time to look at her sales funnel numbers, compare them to where she’s been and where she wants to be, and creates goals accordingly.

Since Rhonda discovered that she needed to build her top of funnel audience, her next step was the Facebook Ads training. Through a methodical process of testing creative and copy, she was able to start running an ad that was getting a lot of eyeballs on her products without spending much money. And now that ad is steadily humming along in the background, continually making potential customers aware of ToyCycle.


“When you understand that an action that you’re taking is not necessarily the thing that…generates the sale right then and there, but the thing that builds your audience, you understand how the whole flow works. Then it’s very fulfilling and exciting to have created that engagement ad.”


Funnel Mastery For The Win

Once her winning ad was in place, Rhonda knew from her big picture/funnel that she needed to get those people one step closer to purchase. Using several other types of social media ads, she brought those people down the funnel to visit her website and sign up for her mailing list.

And now she’s in the middle of our Reliable Revenue course in which she’s setting up email automations that are doing the work of capturing web visitors’ email addresses and turning them into buyers. Which frees Rhonda up to continue building her audience.

Compared to a year ago, Rhonda has so much clarity and a more positive mindset. Instead of running herself ragged pursuing every strategy and reinventing the wheel each month, she tracks her numbers and follows the program while her numbers continue to climb. She believes in what she’s doing, and she trusts that she’s on the right track.

Rhonda’s Success Strategy

When asked what advice she would give to another business owner struggling with traffic and sales, Rhonda doesn’t hesitate – don’t try to do all the things. Look at your numbers, figure out what your priorities are, and put your head down and do the work. She doesn’t get discouraged, she sees each new challenge as just another problem to be solved.


“I love to tackle problems. I mean, I don’t know what would happen if my business suddenly just, like, worked perfectly and there were no problems. I might get bored.”


And she especially loves having the Inner Circle community to validate her struggles. Seeing that other ecommerce store owners face the same challenges she does makes the journey much less isolating. Plus she can always call on one of our expert coaches for one-on-one help when she gets stuck or needs clarity.

What’s Next For ToyCycle

Rhonda is really excited about getting her email automations set up, because once that reliable marketing system is in place she is ready to step on the gas driving traffic to her site. She’s also committed to collaborating with other Inner Circle members to share her best customers with them, and vice versa. It’s one of our favorite ways of growing your audience without spending much time or money.

I expect great things from this tenacious business owner, who leaves us with these words of wisdom – “If you just do the work, that’s the missing piece.”

You can check out Rhonda’s website at and don’t forget to tell your friends and family about her super cool (and eco-friendly) business!

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