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Have you built your Sales Funnel yet?

If not, read on to see why every Ecommerce store owner should do this work. What follows is an in depth look at the Sales Funnel of a 6 figure store. It’s a great opportunity to see what’s possible for you when you build your Sales Funnel. 

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Recently, I sat down with Renee Harris, a long time Inner Circle Member with a successful shop that supports her family. Renee’s sales have been down over the past 2 years, and she had been spending hours every week, scrambling to get more sales.

In January, we released the Sales Funnel training to our Inner Circle Members and she decided to jump in and build her own Sales Funnel. 

Within minutes, Renee saw exactly what she had been missing, and why her sales had slowed.

Five months later, sales are up 28% and today she’s sharing the work she’s been doing that has changed everything for her.


Watch the video and don’t miss the last few minutes where Renee shares an app that has created radically loyal customers. It’s gold!

Here’s what Renee was missing:

  • When Renee used her store’s data to build her Sales Funnel, she was shocked to discover that she was failing to keep the top of her sales funnel full.
  • The good news was that she had been doing a great job of converting the people she had in her Sales Funnel.
  • The bad news was that she only had a tiny Audience of 26,000 at the top of her Sales Funnel.
  • We recommend that all stores set a goal to have 100,000 – 200,000 people in your top of funnel audience, and at only 26,000, Renee’s audience was just not big enough to find the customers she needs to grow her sales.
  • Once Renee knew the cause of her slowing sales, she focused on building her audience every month.
  • Building a big, warm audience at the top of your Sales Funnel is relatively easy, and using video and engagement ads makes it quick and affordable.
  • Renee wanted to build her audience quickly, so she booked a call with Cathy, one of the Ecommerce Coaches in the Inner Circle.

Learn how to build a big top of Funnel Audience here:

By February, Renee’s audience size had doubled, and her sales were starting to get back on track. She worked on building her audience every month, and by June, Renee’s top of Funnel audience had tripled, and her year to date sales were up by 28%.

Renee is back, and in control of her income.


Lessons Learned:

Neglect your Top of Funnel Audience, and your sales will stall.
Filling the top of your Sales Funnel is important for the long term health of your business. It’s work that every store owner should do consistently. It’s low effort work that has a big impact on your sales. You can watch your Audience grow when you build your Sales Funnel each month.
Building an Audience for your store is easy and affordable. When you do it consistently, you’ll see increased traffic and sales over time.

Tracking and Measuring gives you proof of your success.
Most store owners measure their success by sales. In reality, it takes time to warm up your audience and turn them into customers. When you build a Sales Funnel and update your data every month, you’ll be able to see your progress, and measure your success at every stage of the customer journey. Doing this will keep you on the right track, and help you stay motivated and excited to keep doing the work that leads to sales.

Adding more products is a short term fix. And it’s expensive.
When sales are slow, most store owners start thinking about how they can increase sales by offering more products. The truth is that this is an expensive way to grow your sales. You’ll be more profitable, and create lasting growth by finding more customers to buy the products you already have.


Ready to build your Sales Funnel?

See the Sales Funnel graphic our members us, and get the instructions in this episode of the Podcast

See Renee’s shop here:

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