Many Ecommerce store owners are surprised when they learn that they need a massive audience to keep growing and reach their long term sales goals. 

It’s not uncommon for higher volume stores to reach millions of people every month. 
They’re highly visible.

Even when you’re a new-ish Ecommerce store owner, you’ll need to make yourself visible to 100,000 – 200,000 people every month in order to create awareness for your products.

It might seem daunting, but the truth is it’s not that hard, or expensive.

Brand Videos are one of the fastest ways to build your product awareness, get more traffic to your site, and make your business visible and memorable.

You might be thinking that Brand Videos are only for “big” businesses, and that you need a high production value, big budget video, but I know that’s not the case.

Every Ecommerce store owner should have a Brand Video. When you have a Brand Video, you’ll be able to use it to:
→Attract the right people, by giving them a  taste of what they’ll find on your site
→Build a massive audience – for a tiny spend 

Listen in as our Inner Circle Traffic Coach, Cathy Hayhurst shares a simple way to create your Brand Video then use it to build a massive audience. 

Grab a pen, take some notes, and before you know it, your store will be visible, and your audience will be full of people who have a genuine interest in your products.

Get a Plan to Grow Your Sales Every Month

Stop wondering if you’re “doing it right” and learn how to grow your sales in a consistent, predictable way. Spend 40 minutes with me in this eye opening workshop, and you’ll leave with a few simple steps that will grow your sales next month. Find a time that works for you.

The stress free content plan that built a huge audience. Episode 190

The stress free content plan that built a huge audience. Episode 190

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