There’s something I want you to check today. And even if you’re not feeling like sales are slow, you might not be taking advantage of this opportunity to get more sales.

Most people aren’t

When you feel like your sales are stagnant, there is one thing I want you to check.

Traffic –  specifically traffic quality. Once you’ve hit that magical 3000 web visitors/ month – you need to maintain it, but there’s a huge opportunity to get more sales without spending more money or trying a new tactic. Here’s a fact: People who visit your website multiple times are 2x more likely to buy than people who visit for the first time. Let’s think about 2 stores that each get 10,000 web visitors a month. Store 1 has 10K visitors, and 70% of those visitors are first-time visitors and 30% of those visitors have visited at least 2x. Store 2 has 10K visitors, and 90% of those visitors are first-time visitors, and 10% of those visitors have visited at least 2x.

For simplicity, let’s say that both stores have the same conversion rate. First-time visitors convert at 1% Visitors who have visited at least 2x convert at 2%

Store 1: 7000 x 1% = 70 orders
3000 x 2% = 60 orders
Total 130 orders

Store 2: 9000 x 1% = 90 orders
1000 x 2% = 20 orders
Total 110 orders

This a stat that you’ll find in Google Analytics, Go to Audience → Behavior → new vs Returning → Filter – 90 days. Look at your % new visitors and your % returning visitors. Look at your conversion rate for new visitors and compare it to returning visitors.

How to improve your returning visitor rate, Most important: Consistency. You don’t have to do something new

  1. Consistently post on social media, giving people a reason to click2) Build warm audiences and retarget them consistently at a low budget  
  2. Email your list every week and make you give them a reason to click     
  3. Prioritize list building – measure # of new contacts every week. Give it a try. I promise you. You’ll see results. Here’s a Link to Podcast Episode #92 A simple $10 ad strategy.

Grab your copy of “Emails that Sell” here.

Watch the workshop and get more sales this month

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