I see far too many eCommerce store owners spending hours every week on social media posts and ads. Often they are frustrated, worn down, and wondering if there’s a better way to get the traffic they need.

The short answer is that Social Media is still a very good platform for building a big warm audience of people who will become buyers, and it’s an affordable source of high quality traffic.

That said, I think this is the year we stop investing tons of time and emotional energy into the platform and start using it as one of the tools we use to grow our business. Like an app or marketplace, we can decide how we’ll use it and set a “time and money” budget that we maintain consistently through the year.

Listen in and hear the 4 simple steps I recommend store owners use consistently, and how you can spend a daily budget of $10/day in a way that will grow your warm audiences significantly and get more traffic to your site for less money.

Implement consistently and in a few months, you’ll have a big warm audience of people who are visiting your site, signing up for your email list, and buying your products.

Here are the 4 parts of your plan:

 1. Connection. Attract your perfect audience by posting images and videos that include you, a team member, your products, and a peek behind the scenes of your business.
Spend $5/ day consistently on a combination of Engagement and Video View ads

 2. Build Warm audiences in the Ads Manager. Create Audiences of Recent Engagers on both Facebook and Instagram, email lists, and website visitors.

 3. Use your best engagement or video ads that feature products for Conversion Ads, and target your warm audiences.
Spend $3/day consistently on Conversion Ads with a View Content Goal

 4. Retarget Hot audiences consistently with Conversion Ads. Use your most successful Conversion Ads for Retargeting recent web visitors year round.
Spend $2/day consistently on Retargeting with Conversion Ads

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