When I work with a client on a Strategy call, my job is to help them identify what’s really working to get sales now, and identify opportunities for them to grow their sales without growing their ad costs.

Once we have the facts, we make a solid plan that’s easy to follow and will grow their sales.

I almost always start by looking at this one report in Google Analytics, because it’s the most reliable source of data that connects actions to sales, so you stop guessing and know for sure when something you do is working.

And actually, it only takes about 10 minutes to build and analyze this report, so it’s super easy.

Listen in, plan on spending 10 minutes a week on this one task, and watch your sales grow.

I know Google Analytics can make people sweat, so we made you a simple 7 click guide to building and understanding your report. I think you’ll love it.

Grab yours, download or print it, and you’ll feel like a pro in 7 clicks!


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