It’s no secret that 2022 has been a more challenging growth year for those of us with ecommerce stores.


Many people who had established stores when the pandemic hit were well positioned to take advantage of the shift in purchase behavior and even though there was a period of uncertainty, at the end of the day, most stores had a solid 18 months of growth.

More customers buying more stuff.

This year I’m hearing from many store owners that business is hard – not all store owners, but many established stores are working harder than before to maintain their sales, or even get fewer sales each month.

In this episode, I’m going to share the cause of this – from my experience, and then I’m going to send you off with some instructions, so that you can

1) Take a look at your situation

2) Determine your “best” next steps

I get to see a lot of Shopify dashboards, and dig around behind the scenes of lots of successful stores.

And when someone tells me business is tough, and they’re doing all the things – they haven’t changed their marketing, but they’re just not getting the results they used to get, I can pretty much tell them what the problem is.

Listen in. I’ll tell you how to assess your store, and give you your best next step to get back on track.


Not seeing the results you want yet?

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