If you’re a store owner, using Shopify, this is for you.
Recently I was talking with our Inner Circle Ecommerce Coach and Email Marketing Expert, Claudia Howard who was sharing some abandoned cart strategies to make more money, and during our conversation she said something that stopped me in my tracks.

Claudia had just completed a demonstration for our Reliable Revenue Coaching Members. In the demonstration, she was working on a member’s Abandoned Cart flow. I had watched the demonstration, and we were recording a podcast episode to share some of the strategies with our audience.

Even though I had watched the demonstration, it wasn’t until we were recording the podcast that I realized the true impact of one small mistake in the settings of your Shopify store.

It’s totally a conversion killer, and many store owners don’t know about it.

Listen in or keep reading to hear about this sneaky little conversion killer, and then go check your shop’s settings.

The reason I’m sharing this here is that the store that Claudia was using to demonstrate the strategies had the setting turned on. And the thing is, this is not a new store. It’s an experienced store owner with solid sales.

This setting is so sneaky, that it’s possible that you might not know it’s enabled.

The mistake you might be making:

Turn off dynamic checkout buttons.

Here’s why Dynamic Checkouts are conversion killers:

  • They can have a negative impact on your conversion rate.
  • They take customers directly to checkout even if they haven’t completed shopping.
  • It’s difficult for customers to get back to shop, add items, or review their items.
  • Potential for even more abandoned carts.
  • No cart link is generated for your abandoned cart emails.


The biggest problem with Dynamic Checkout:

Abandoned cart emails create a Cart Link that takes the customer back to checkout.
When the dynamic checkout buttons are used, there is no cart link for the email, so instead the link goes to the homepage, leaving the customer without a cart to check out.

Why you might have missed this setting:

This setting is a “sneaky” little conversion killer for two reasons.
Despite the fact that dynamic checkout buttons are only recommended for “one Product” stores.

  1. This setting is automatically turned on, so you have to go into your theme and turn it off.
  2. The location of the setting is theme specific, so it might not be immediately visible


Your next steps:

  1. Find the dynamic checkout setting in your store, and make sure it is turned “off”.
  2. Listen to next week’s Podcast episode, and you’ll be all set to make more money!


Listen to this podcast with another “money making” tip from Claudia
Get it done for you by an Expert: https://www.storetasker.com/experts/claudia-howard

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