I want you to meet Claudia Howard. Claudia is a Shopify and a Klaviyo Expert, and her 1:1 Coaching calls in the Inner Circle are in high demand.

Last month Claudia joined us at my Mastermind Retreat in Mexico. She was there to support our Mastermind members, and she taught us a few tricks to make even more money with our emails.

When she shared this money making tip, I knew that we had to do a whole episode of the Podcast on her hot tip that will make you $$$.
Claudia’s favorite app for increasing store revenue is Reconvert.

What is Reconvert?
It’s a Shopify post purchase upsell app that shows an offer AFTER the customer has completed their purchase and BEFORE the thank you page.

Who is it for?
It’s for Shopify store owners that want to increase their revenue and average order value. It’s perfect for both new and established stores.

How it works
After installing the app there is a mega offer template with multiple offers. I recommend deleting multiple offers and using one offer.
Make it an irresistible offer. A no-brainer. For example, if your average order value is $75 then adding an item worth $25 for only $15 is a no-brainer.
Set Free Shipping for the offer as you’ll be adding it to their existing order to ship together.
Offers can be customized by cart value, customer tags, and products in the cart – and even exclude showing offers to customer groups.

Listen in to learn the 3 big reasons this is important to all store owners, and hear examples of how some of Claudia’s clients have used their post purchase upsell to grow their sales.

Install it yourself (find it in the App store) or you can hire Claudia to get it up and running for you!

Reconvert App Set Up $249
The package includes:

  • Zoom consultation on creating the best offer 
  • Set up app
  • Set up exclusion for VIP Club members (if applicable – the app doesn’t apply VIP Club discounts so we just exclude them from seeing an offer)
  • Set up 1 Offer
  • Integrate the app with Klaviyo and set up a signup form on the custom thank you page, eg Birthday Club signup form.

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