Meet Rebecca, our Inner Circle Member from Australia. She’s this month’s 15-minute Feedback celebrity guest!

Rebecca applied for 15-minute Feedback because she’s been driving traffic to her site, Traffic Bootcamp style, for a few months. And she feels a little stuck. Despite running really solid tests, her cost per click is still hovering around $1.00.

How can she get cheaper traffic?

We took a deep dive into her business, and came up with a strategy that should get her more clicks for her money!

But we didn’t stop there.

Watch and learn:

  • How Rebecca can find the “right” people and lower her cost per web visit.
  • How to know what’s causing your low conversion rate.
  • Her very best source of sales. You can find yours too.

Members of the Inner Circle have the opportunity to have Susan review their website and provide them with three actionable steps to get more website traffic.

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