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I want to introduce you to Sarah Stenzhorn, who is one of the most steady, humble, and helpful members of our Reliable Revenue program, and now an Inner Circle ecommerce coach. When Sarah speaks, I listen because she really is wise and consistent, and her business success story is nothing short of extraordinary.

In just three years, Sarah has built the kind of ecommerce business that most of us only dream of. And today she’s letting us in on the key strategies that really powered her success.

Get ready for some eye-opening insights – it’s not what you’d typically expect. Click HERE to learn from Sarah’s journey on our podcast, or read on for more.

Riches In The Niches: How Sarah Landed On Pet Cremation Jewelry

Sarah considers herself an entrepreneur first, but she’s also a pet lover. When she happened upon cremation jewelry (tiny, wearable containers for a loved one’s ashes) after a beloved dog died, she had a hunch she was on to something. So rather than purchasing just one, she bought 200 of them and listed them on eBay.

After they sold out within a week, Sarah was convinced that she’d stumbled upon a highly marketable product. Cremation jewelry can be used for any type of ashes, but Sarah knew that if she could serve an audience of fellow pet-lovers, she could corner the market.

Go Big Or Go Home: Investing In Accountability

Sarah was still working a full-time job when she started her business, but when her website sales surpassed her salary, she knew it was time to get serious. She decided that if she made a big investment in her business, it would keep her accountable, so she made the leap to join our Reliable Revenue program.


“If I’m going to spend this money, then I know darn well, I’m going to show up every single week. I’m going to do whatever that assignment is for that week.”


Sarah’s goal that year was to double her revenue–and she BEAT it–taking her sales from $160k to $360k in a matter of months.

Sarah’s Secret Weapon(s)

One of the most valuable parts of the Reliable Revenue program is “the playbook”, a month-by-month spreadsheet that students fill out with their key metrics. Sarah says this data tracking had a huge impact on her sales. The playbook gave her clear insight both into what was working, and how far she’d come. Whereas in the past Sarah might have beat herself up thinking that she was off track or missing her goals, she was able to see a clear line of progress.

The other game-changing part of the program for Sarah was implementing a welcome automation and sending weekly mini-campaigns. She says that showing up consistently for her subscribers has been invaluable. In fact, a whopping 38% of her revenue comes from her new lead and welcome flow.


She tested, tested, and tested some more until she had found the winning combination. She didn’t rely on her feelings, she trusted the numbers. Once she knew what worked, she was confident that she could spend more on ads to drive more traffic to her site, and was actually able to predict her revenue based on that.

Consistency = Confidence

By putting her head down, doing the work, and tracking her Reliable Revenue numbers, Sarah found the confidence to really get behind her business and put the gas on driving traffic. She stopped worrying about what everyone else was doing, and focused on her own store. After that things really started to snowball.

Sarah’s Advice To Her Younger Self

Sarah has been able to build the business she has always dreamed of, but she’s worked incredibly hard along the way. She says if she could go back in time, she would remember her “why” – that she started her business so that she could captain her own ship. And that none of it is worth it if she works to the point of burnout. So these days Sarah makes sure to take breaks, unplug completely, and let her Reliable Revenue automations do the heavy lifting.

So what’s Next?

Now that Sarah’s business is humming along, she’s been able to hire out her social media content creation, and next she’ll outsource customer service. And her big goal? A commercial space so she can get out of her house!

Sarah’s story is a testament to the impact of the Reliable Revenue program. And her success really exemplifies how commitment and consistency drive real growth.

Ready to start your own journey of transformation? The Reliable Revenue course will get started again this March. Whether you’re newly launched or are looking to scale your existing ecommerce store, this program offers the tools, insights, and community support you need. Remember, like Sarah, you have the potential to turn your business dreams into tangible achievements.

Let’s make your business the next big success story. Click HERE to learn more about the course and start your journey to reliable revenue.

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