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Consistent Revenue Now

Last summer I spoke with Danielle Beauregard, owner of Fusion By Design Collars, about how she transformed her business last year. During the conversation she said “We’re getting consistent revenue now,” and the confidence in her voice made me smile.

Danielle had participated in my Reliable Revenue program in January. It is an eight week course combined with coaching, designed to get store owners bringing in predictable, reliable revenue that they can count on every month.

We only run the program once a year, and every year more store owners walk away with consistent sales and a clear plan of how they’ll grow their sales in a way that feels like they’re in control.

We’re about to start Reliable Revenue for 2024. I know this program works, and I believe every store owner should get these strategies in place so they can get set up for reliable sales every day. I thought you might like to hear what happens in the 8 weeks we work together from a member’s perspective.

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Dog Collars. But Make Them Fabulous.

Danielle makes and sells dog collars and leashes in Ottawa, Ontario. But not just any collars. Her gem-encrusted, leather works of art fetch between $300 and $700 EACH. And customers love her products. So much, in fact, that she and her staff were recently able to move out of her home and into their own workshop.

As a member of the Inner Circle, Danielle knew that building an email list was important, but she had let that fall to the bottom of her neverending to-do list. As her business crept steadily past six figures, she had a sneaking suspicion that she was leaving money on the table by not sending emails. And that nagging feeling that all e-commerce store owners have that the rug could be yanked out from underneath us at any moment. If Facebook went down, if our accounts got hacked, how would we reach our customers? Would we even have a business anymore?


“You don’t own your website, you don’t own your e-commerce platform, you certainly don’t own your assets that are on Facebook or Instagram. And I was relying heavily, heavily on social media at the time to get the bulk of our revenue.”


So last January Danielle made the eight-week commitment to join Reliable Revenue and put the systems in place that would allow her to quit working so hard for each and every sale.

A year later she was a true believer in the power of consistent email marketing.

Reliable Revenue: A Transformational Marketing Strategy

Straight out of the gate, Danielle says the course helped her confidence because she gained insights into her metrics. Numbers that she had once thought meant she was failing, she learned were indicators of her strength as a product seller at her price point and niche.

But what she found most valuable was the accountability the community and coaches provided.


“…had it been a self-study type course where you just bought the course and were left to your own devices, it would probably still be sitting there unopened in all honesty.”


With the help of her class cohort and group mentors, Danielle was able to get the work down in a matter of hours each week. She would dedicate an hour each day, or a Monday morning, to putting the pieces in place. And when she got stuck, she was able to hire group coaches to quickly tackle anything that fell outside of her skill set.

I Wish I Had Done It Three Years Ago

Danielle’s hard work and consistency paid off. Big time. Results were incremental, but over time she has come to realize that the rumors are true – email converts better than any other source of website traffic. Seven times better, as a matter of fact. And now she’s sending regular email campaigns and enjoying the revenue that she knows she’ll generate with each and every one.

What surprised her most was that she doesn’t have to “hard sell” in those campaigns, either. By sending a mix of helpful, educational content, special offers, and regular events, Danielle knows that she’s providing value to her subscribers. And they reward her with purchases, in turn.


“So I now have my playbook, I know what events work, I know where most of my sales are coming from. We’re fairly consistent in our monthly revenue now.”


Danielle acknowledges that while her business was doing well, she was missing some critical infrastructure that would have made scaling her sales very difficult. In fact, she says that the systems she put in place during Reliable Revenue have completely changed her ad strategy. Rather than chasing after sales, Danielle now focuses on building her email list. Because she knows that once she pays for a customer to visit her site and subscribe, she can spend time educating and warming them up to an eventual purchase. It’s a kind of confidence that allows her to focus on what’s next, knowing that her marketing system is working behind the scenes, 24-7, to bring in sales she can count on.

Is Reliable Revenue Right For Your Business?

I’m sharing Danielle’s story with you because I know what it feels like when you’re working really hard, and getting inconsistent results. I remember feeling like I couldn’t really count on my income. Like I could only pay myself if my business was doing really, really well. And often I worried that was never going to happen.

What I know now is that the strategies I used when I was developing the Reliable Revenue system gave me the confidence to set up my pay on auto deposit. I stopped waiting till Friday to see if it was “safe” for me to pay myself.

And I really want that for you, too.

This year, before we start the Reliable Revenue 2024 course, I’ve decided to create a free mini course that will show you how Reliable Revenue works. The course is four short videos that will give you an idea of what the program is like, and what you will learn.

I want you to see what’s possible for you, and this mini course will show what you’ll need to do, not only to protect what you’ve built, but also how to grow your sales and be more profitable without spending a fortune on ads.

I encourage you to get these free lessons today. I promise you, you’ll learn strategies that will get you more sales, and make you a confident business owner.

“The Secret to Generating Reliable Revenue” is free for you


Learn more about Reliable Revenue:


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