Milissa is super active and a great cheerleader in our Inner Circle group. So when it was time to ask a member to help me with 15 minute feedback, she was top on my list.

You see, Milissa has lots of success selling her products in person at events like the Pittsburgh Marathon. She is successful, but she hasn’t been able to repeat that same success online.

Her website, Brag Swag is a ghost town, and even though she has engaged Facebook and Insta profiles, she almost never gets sales online.

Watch this episode of 15 Minute Feedback and find out:

  1. Why Milissa hasn’t been able to recreate her offline success on her website
  2. The one thing she needs to do that will change everything
  3. Her first action steps for 2019

Remember, 15 Minute feedback is open to all members of the Inner Circle.

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