Here’s why I’ll make a product that doesn’t last forever.

I know what you’re thinking. It kind of stinks that someone would deliberately make a product that is designed to expire, break down, or simply wear out.

But I’m here to tell you, it’s part of my plan. It’s one of my Yellow Rules.

Yellow rules aren’t deal breakers, they’re not red, where I want you stop and consider, but they’re still important. Like a yield sign, you’ll want to slow down and be super clear on where you’re going before you proceed.

Because your choice will affect how you create and execute a marketing strategy. And one path is definitely easier than the other.

My number one Yellow Rule?

Create a product that doesn’t last forever.

Here’s why:

The reason is super simple.

The most expensive sale you’ll make is to a first-time customer.You have to find them because most often they won’t find you on their own.

You have to get their attention. Remember, they’re not looking for you, so you have to create awareness.

You have to get them to your website. Generally, that means you’re paying through ads or Influencers. And, guess what? Most people don’t buy on the first visit.

You have to get your product in front of them enough times that you create a desire for your product. And sometimes you can do that for free, through email and engagement. Sometimes it’s paid, through retargeting. But most often, it’s a combination of both.

Here’s a tidbit for you to ponder:

At Wee Squeak, we counted on it costing us around $7 to find and convert a new customer. So, if you make a product that lasts forever, you can count on a heavy cost of acquisition for every sale.

But when you make a product that doesn’t last forever?

A product that people wear out, use up, break, or grow out of? Then you can sell them a replacement. A bigger size, a new one, or a fresh supply. And selling to an existing customer?

That’s the least expensive sale you’ll ever make.

If you’re already up and running, and you sell a product that doesn’t last forever, I don’t want you to panic. There are exceptions, and there are things you can do. Lots of things.

Watch the video below where I discuss all the things you can do!

If you have questions, comment below and ask me!

So, here’s what I need you to do next.

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That’s it! It will be a fun adventure, all the way from 0 to $50K on Shopify!

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