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Are you leaving money on the table?

Most store owners know that they should have an abandoned cart email. In fact, it’s so important that Shopify has made it easy by creating an automated email that gets sent out when someone doesn’t complete their purchase. Many store owners enable the automation through Shopify and leave it at that. Some might take it a step further, and create a branded, more personal abandoned cart email that’s sent from their email service provider.

These solutions are “okay”, but the truth is, you can do much better.

It might surprise you to know that a robust Abandoned Cart flow is one of the revenue generating email flows. It’s an opportunity for you to make more sales and be more profitable.

Last week I sat down with our Inner Circle ecommerce Coach and email marketing expert, Claudia Howard to get her best strategies for making more money using an abandoned cart flow.

Claudia works with hundreds of Inner Circle Members in Coaching calls. She’s also the lead Coach for our Reliable Revenue Coaching Group, so she’s able to see what’s working now, and where the opportunities are for store owners to sell more and make more money.

You can listen to Claudia’s strategies here on the podcast, or keep reading for a recap.


Tip #1 Start with the basics

When Claudia’s working with a member, she’ll by checking the framework of the flow to make sure the flow is set up properly.

  • Information is synced from Shopify to Klaviyo
  • Triggers and Filters are set up correctly
  • Shopify automated abandoned cart email is turned off

Her next step is to check that the email template is “user friendly”

  • Focused on a Call to Action that gets users to click back to their cart
  • Personalized email, using the customer’s name
  • Short, focused copy
  • Easy links to address objections ( size charts, return policy, shipping costs)
  • Easy payment terms if the store offers a “buy now pay later” option
  • Headshot of the store owner for a more authentic experience
  • Include a testimonial on each email

Use dynamic content to further personalize the template by using the visitors First Name, the product images from the cart, and a link back to their checkout page.

Don’t miss this important step:
Where needed, hide products from showing in the email – like Package Protection, Rush Order, etc.

Tip #2 Your Abandoned Cart Flow should have at least 2 – 3 emails

Don’t leave money behind!
Capture sales from your store’s visitors who start but don’t complete checkout.

Consider these scenarios where your visitors…

  • Were interrupted
  • Decided to switch devices to complete checkout
  • Waffled about the price, shipping, or delivery timeline

In these situations, an Abandoned Cart Series kicks in to:

  • Remind the customer to complete checkout
  • Handle objections
  • Sweeten the deal with a discount code for new customers

Try this send schedule:
Email #1 → send one hour after cart is abandoned ( no discount offered )
Email #2 → send one day after cart is abandoned
Email #3 → send 2 – 3 days after cart is abandoned


Tip #3 Be more profitable. Use a Split Condition for new vs repeat customers

It’s important to create different messaging for visitors that have never purchased vs acknowledging repeat customers.

This is a great opportunity to make more money automatically.

Remember, subscribers could go through this flow multiple times a season or year.

It’s a great idea to offer a discount to visitors that have never purchased. It gives them an incentive to buy, and you acquire a first time customer

It’s best practice to not offer a discount to returning customers, so they aren’t trained to abandon their cart.

Tip #4 Check your flow analytics today. You might be leaving money on the table.

Check your flow analytics using a 90 -180 day time period. Find the conversion rate of the last email in your abandoned cart flow. If the last email in your flow has a conversion rate of 1% or more, you can add ONE MORE email to this flow and feel confident that you will make more sales.


Tip #5 Avoid unsubscribes by adding this one very Important filter

I frequently see this filter missing on Abandoned Cart Flows

“Has not been in flow in the last XX Days”

Without this filter the abandoned cart flow could be triggered multiple times during the same session.
This is super annoying for customers not to mention causing spam complaints or unsubscribes.

Claudia recommends you set this filter at least 7 up to 14 days


Tip #6 The mistake you might be making

Turn off dynamic checkout buttons – these are conversion killers.

There’s a link created in abandoned carts that take people back to checkout. That cart link isn’t created when dynamic checkout buttons are used. Instead of going to the cart, your emails will contain a link to the homepage.

Learn more about this sneaky little conversion killer here

You can hire Claudia Howard to Supersize your abandoned cat flow here:

Inner Circle Members can book a Coaching call with Claudia to review your flow and get her expert advice on how you can make more money using email.

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