Last week on the podcast I shared a strategy that will slash your “To Do List”, and show you how to be more effective by focusing on what your Business really needs now.

Today, you can be a fly on the wall as I walk an Inner Circle member through the process of figuring out what her business needs now, and setting her priorities for the balance of the year.

Kelli Meyer is a “newish” Inner Circle Member who was feeling overwhelmed by all the things on her “To Do List”. She knew that she had more work on her list than she can manage, but she had no idea what she should work on first.

She was overwhelmed and stuck, so she asked for help in our private Member’s group.

It’s common for people like us to have trouble identifying the tasks that should be a priority vs the tasks that can wait.

When I saw Kelli’s post, I knew I could help. So I invited her to jump on a call with me and we could figure out her priorities.

Together, we walked through the  process of:

  • Getting clarity on the outcome Kelli wants this year
  • Refining her outcome to make specific and measurable
  • Slashing the number of tasks on her “To Do List”
  • Identifying what her Business needs right now
  • Specific tasks Kelli should outsource
  • Deciding on the tasks that are her priority work

We also talked about the one common mistake that will keep you overwhelmed all the time.

See how you can use this process by watching my session with Kelly, or scroll down to listen to our session.

Listen for:

  • The common mistake that will keep you feeling overwhelmed.
  • The “aha”moment when Kelly identifies what her business needs now.
  • Susan shares an extra little gem: The secret to conversion.

Use this simple process every time you feel “decision overwhelm”, and reach your goals faster.

Once you’ve decided on your priorities, it’s common for it to be difficult to find the time to get this work done. It was a challenge that I had struggled with for years, until I finally got some help.

Now I have a process that has changed everything for me. I knew that if I was able to transform the way I manage my work, you can too, so I asked my coach to jump on a call with me and share the process that I’ve learned. You can listen here.

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