Do you know how many leads you get from your pop-up each month?

If you’re not focused on what’s happening with your pop-up, you might be leaving money on the table.

And if you don’t have a pop-up, you’re definitely leaving money on the table.

At my new store, Sock Doggo, emails collected from my pop-up are responsible for more than 20% of my sales.

And it’s all automated. I don’t have to do anything beyond checking in on it now and then.

So it makes sense for you to spend a little time on this.

Watch the video to see the recent change I made to my pop-up that has improved my conversion rate by 2%.

Here are the 3 reasons you’ll want to run and check your pop-up today:

Reason #1 Email converts better than any source of traffic. Period.

In almost every case, traffic that comes from an email converts better than traffic from any other source. Once you know that, it becomes clear that you owe it to yourself to make sure you grow your list every single day.

Reason #2  Getting a pop-up in place, and making sure it’s converting well is perfectly aligned with the work you do every week. 

Here’s what I mean:

You’re working on getting traffic to your site every day. When you have a pop-up on your site, you’ll automatically collect email addresses when people engage with your pop-up. Want more emails? Send more traffic.

Reason #3  It is automated. 

This is about as close to passive revenue as you’ll get. The key is to get a pop-up set up and add in a short welcome series as an automated funnel. Even if people don’t buy when they sign up, you’ll have an email series in place, warming them up until they’re ready to convert.

The big question most people have is:

What’s a good conversion rate for my pop-up?

Industry stats say that people have to see your pop-up an average of 3 times before they sign up.

Engagement (Opt in) rates average 3% across all e-commerce.

But that’s not good enough for us. We’re in a different category. We’re specialists, and we are focused on driving the best quality traffic to our sites.

We need to shoot for engagement rates of 5% – 9%.

And the 4 mistakes I want you to avoid?

1) Make sure your offer has top billing and is scan-able.

2) Avoid multiple pop-ups and if you use an Exit Intent pop-pup, check your mobile view. They tend to pop up many times during a session. Make sure your pop-ups don’t appear as soon as the visitor lands on your site.

3) Deliver the reward on a success message while the visitor is still on your site. Don’t make them leave to get their discount by email. Deliver it by email as well as on the success message.

4) Make sure your pop-up is easy to close. Have others test it. Don’t risk bounces because someone can’t close your pop-up!

Want to learn more about how you can maximize your pop-up?  Check out this podcast episode- Three Reasons You Should Check Your Pop-Up Today. You can listen here on Apple Podcast or here on Spotify.

If you have questions, comment below and ask me!

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That’s it! It will be a fun adventure, all the way from 0 to $50K on Shopify!

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