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There’s nothing like a new year to revisit our goals, is there? If you’re like many of us, this time of year sparks a sense of renewal and the chance to revisit our “why.” And so we kicked off the year the way we always do in the Inner Circle, with our annual 30-day growth plan call. It’s a time for our members and ecommerce coaches to gather together on Zoom, in a quiet and focused way, to study our metrics and get clear about what we need to do next in our businesses.

What I love most about this call is witnessing our community unite, not just in pursuit of goals, but with shared accountability, support, and celebration. This practice is a cornerstone of staying on course and achieving our ambitions as ecommerce store owners.

In today’s episode, I’m excited to bring you a peek into this event. The approach might seem straightforward, yet it’s pivotal; without it, attaining your goals becomes a LOT harder and less clear.

I’ve also got a treat for you. It’s the exact tool we use during these working sessions, that you can apply to your own business strategies.

Watch the video as we delve into the habits that have been instrumental in our members’ success. In it you’ll learn:
👀 The REAL reason you’re not getting the sales you want
📊 How to harness your data (and stay healthy emotionally)
🎨 The art of aligning your focus with your objectives

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