When I started our Podcast, the Ecommerce Roadmap, three years ago. I had no idea what I was doing, or if anyone would listen. At the time, I was listening to podcasts myself, and I loved the episodes that left me with something that I could take action on. Even if it was one small thing.

I started out knowing that I don’t have all the answers, but as a long time, and somewhat successful store owner, I could share what I was working on, and let everyone see what real results look like.

My goal was to leave listeners with something they could take action on every time they tune in.

Three years later, I still don’t have all the answers, and I still want to leave you with real strategies that you can implement.

I’m sharing this today because I want you to be clear on the one strategy that has had a huge impact on our Members’ success this year. I think it’s crucial for every store owner.

If you prefer to listen, you can hear about it here if not, read on.


A year ago, as a Team, we were preparing for a cookie-less internet by investing a little money on increasing our visibility and focusing on audience building. We created training that walked our members through the process and they learned how easy and affordable it is to build a huge audience of people who have seen their products and have awareness of their business.

Our members are actually able to see how many people have “eyeballs” on their products each month. They can measure and track their total audience size using their total monthly reach.

The training we created is called Ads Made Easy. It’s available for all Inner Circle Members, and if you’re not a member you can purchase it here for only $39.99.

It’s crucial for all store owners to have a big audience because it’s a pool of people you can retarget on Social Media easily, and with only a tiny ad spend.

When you do that, and you give this audience a call to action, here’s what happens:

  • Your audience is 2x more likely (than a cold audience) to click a link and visit your website
  • Your audience is 2x more likely (than a cold audience) to enter your giveaway
  • Your audience is 2x more likely (than a cold audience) to watch your videos
  • Your audience is 2x more likely (than a cold audience) to become a buyer

…and, it will cost you 20% – 50% less per click.


The results we get when we retarget our audience are consistently good, and taking the time to build an audience has had a great ROI.

If you haven’t built your audience yet, I would encourage you to not skip this step.


This year, we’ve created a tool that our Members use to get even more control over their results. Our Members build out a unique Sales Funnel for their stores. Their Sales Funnel is a visual representation of their customer’s journey from the awareness (eyeballs) stage all the way down to the bottom of their funnel to the “purchase” stage.

Our members can see how many people are in each stage of their Sales Funnel.
This allows them to see the big picture for their business at a glance.

When they implement this strategy, they understand why they’re not reaching sales goals, and they know how to course correct by filling up the weak spots in their Sales Funnel.

They can even make a plan for steady, sustainable sales growth, by adding more people to the top of their Sales Funnel, and nurturing them down the funnel until they become buyers.

A year later, our Members are getting results that have transformed how they approach growing their sales.

See a sample Sales Funnel graphic and learn more about building a sales funnel for your store when you listen to Epiosde #147.

Next week – come behind the scenes with me, and see what’s possible when you do this work every month. I’m talking with a long term member – Renee Harris, you’ll get a peek at insider info that most people never share.

Here’s what happened when Renee started using her Sales Funnel. You won’t want to miss this.

“At the end of Feb, our YTD was only up by 3% over the same period last year. Today YTD we’re at 28% over last year YTD and I expect Q4 to be amazing. I’m working to get that set up and ready. What’s crazy is that June and July of last year were HORRIBLE. I had to lay off VAs, stop my FB ads and quit expensive paid coaching outside TSSG. This June/July compared to last year’s June/July: up 83% (“J” months don’t HAVE to be bad!)”

Get a Plan to Grow Your Sales Every Month

Stop wondering if you’re “doing it right” and learn how to grow your sales in a consistent, predictable way. Spend 40 minutes with me in this eye opening workshop, and you’ll leave with a few simple steps that will grow your sales next month. Find a time that works for you.

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