At Sock Doggo we have been hyper focused on Leads. I even made it my ‘big’ goal for the month.

My goal was to generate 2000 leads in September.

We’ve been selling the same box of socks for 10 months, and we’re finally receiving socks for 4 new dog breeds.

I decided the best way to build an audience of potential buyers was to build a big, fat list.

Here’s why:

1. I know that 36% of my sales have come from email.

2. I know that 25% of my overall sales have come from 1st touch on a Giveaway.

3. I want to build a quality list by dog breed I can use over the 4th quarter.

Watch here to see:

  • How I set up a version of our Perfect Giveaway Training
  • How many leads we collected
  • What it cost me
  • My next steps

Here is a closer look at what we did:


  1. Set up a post for each dog breed.

2. Tested Creative (not target). We will test targets next month using the lessons from the Inner Circle Traffic Bootcamp program. The image above got the most leads for my budget.

3. Set up Conversion ads for Lead Generation.

*** When someone clicked on my ad, they went to this Landing Page 


And we sent them this Auto Responder by email   

Now that you know what we did, here are our RESULTS!

We generated 1790 leads:

  • 1675 were paid
  • 115 were organic

Our Auto Responder resulted in a:

  • 53% open rate
  • 15.9% click rate; and
  • 351 web visits 

We generated insights into the dog breeds people are interested in by tracking link clicks:

  • Here is the link activity  

What did it cost?

Our cost was very high at .95/lead and $1584 over 17 days.

Contrast this with our Dachshund breed, which we’ve been consistently working on for a year at .30/lead.

We’ve had two sales so far valued at $65.

What are our next steps?

Now we work the list. We’ve built up a solid pool of potential customers and we now need to sell, sell, sell, and track the results. 

We’ve sent one good news/bad news email so far with a sales offer that can be used until the end of the month. We plan to send at least three more emails this month. 

Then it will be time to clean the list up.

I am working on building my marketing plan for October in order to capitalize on our leads to maximize sales. Stay tuned. 

Want to get more details on this event?

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If you have questions, comment below and ask me!

So, here’s what I need you to do next.

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That’s it! It will be a fun adventure, all the way from 0 to $50K on Shopify!

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