This year I’m all in on collaborations.

Here’s why:
I want to grow my business, but I don’t think only using ads is a sustainable solution
I know that a lead by referral is worth way more than a paid lead
I actually like meeting others and working together towards a common goal

And finally,

Now, more than ever, I think all of us need connection with others if only to see that people are mostly good.

The thing with collaborations is that it’s not always easy to get started.
And like everything of value to your business, there is effort required, and the return on investment comes over time.

When I was thinking about how I could help you see a path to finding some great people to collaborate with, and showing you how it could work, I knew that my good friend Suzi Dafnis does this beautifully. And lucky for us, she can show us how we can do it too.

Get your 3 Step Blueprint here:


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