Want to see the most valuable subject line you’ll ever use?

I’m going to tell you the subject line, but I want you to stay with me here, because you’ll want context.

When and how to use it, so you can make this part of your big picture strategy

So here’s the subject line: You have early Access NOW

That’s it. Simple, clear, and short.

This is an event strategy that’s perfect for Black Friday, but you can also use it throughout the year.

What you’ll do:
You’ll be creating a list of people who have self-identified that you have an offer that they’re interested in getting, and it’s important enough to them, that they’ll take action and get on your list.

Why it works so well
: You’ll use a hook to get them on the list. Hooks like Scarcity, Urgency, and Exclusivity. These hooks give people a reason to get on the list, because they know “what’s in it for them”.

When people make the decision to get on your list, they make a mental note that they want your offer and because they are on a list, and expect to receive emails from you, you can keep getting your offer in front of them enough times that they buy.

The beauty of it is that they have given you permission to make this offer. It’s a super warm audience.

Want more? Watch the video for step by step instructions so you can implement this now.

If you have questions, comment below and ask me!

So, here’s what I need you to do next.

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That’s it! It will be a fun adventure, all the way from 0 to $50K on Shopify!

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