Are you making these “mistakes”? Check your site today.

We have a group on Facebook called The Roadmap to 50K on Shopify.

It’s free to join, and inside you’ll find lots of store owners like us, working hard on their Businesses. We share tips and strategies, and the members of the group support each other as they grow.

Each week, I welcome the new members personally, and invite them to share a link to their site. I love to see what people are working on, so I make a point of looking at every single site. When I can add value I make suggestions.

Here’s why I’m sharing this.

There are 4 big mistakes I see over and over. And it’s important that I tell you because they are Conversion Killers!

These are things that could be stopping people from ever returning to your site and making a purchase.

So, today, I’m sharing the 4 big ones. I want you to listen in, and check your site!

And, this is the perfect time to give you a little gift. It’s a lesson from Conversion School in our Inner Circle Training.

Drop your email and we’ll send you a 7 minute Conversion Audit that will make sure you’ve covered all the bases, and your site is ready to get sales! The lesson is yours to keep, and there’s even a checklist that you can download.

Join our free group, the Roadmap to 50K on Shopify here.

Don’t forget to share a link to your site and say Hi!


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