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Reels are a great way to build your Audience because they reach people who are not already following you. When you provide quality content on reels, you’ll grow your followers organically.

Not long ago, I spent some time with my good friend Tracy Harris. She’s an Instagram Expert, and she’s really good at getting strategic with content. She showed a group of us a simple way to generate leads with Reels.

When I saw what’s possible for service based businesses who use Reels strategically, I knew that Product based business owners like us could use Reels to get free traffic and sales.

So, I asked Tracy to come and help us with a strategy.

Listen in and learn how:
-You can create a 3 part framework for your Reels
-You will increase traffic and sales by adding one thing
-How you can repeat this strategy over and over

And lastly:
How you can see what’s really working, and amplify that content by turning it into an ad.

So smart, and not hard!

Tracy is launching a new Reels course launching soon.
Get the details here:

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