Our Conversion Coach, Tina Bar-On has seen the back end of a lot of Shopify stores, and she’s a Google Analytics wizard.

Today, she spills the beans on the common mistake she sees store owners make when it comes to conversion.

She’ll share with you what happens on a Coaching Call, and the results you can expect.

Plus, she’ll leave you with her top tips for improving conversion.

Here’s why we have coaches in the Inner Circle:

Way back in the day when I was searching for ways to grow my store, I bought several online courses.
Some were good, some not so good. But the one thing that was disappointing about all of the training was that after I bought the course, there wasn’t a way to get a little extra help.

So sometimes I got stuck. Without an easy way to get unstuck.

I haven’t forgotten how that made me feel and that’s why we don’t let that happen in the Inner Circle.

Our members have exclusive access to our coaches. Whenever they need a little extra help, they can book a call with and get unstuck fast.

Our coaches are fully trained in the program and like me, they’re e-commerce store owners too.

Check out Tina’s e-commerce sites: www.fairtribe.com and www.wilddill.com

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