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This week I’m sharing my marketing plan for October.

You might find some inspiration there, or you might be more interested in how you can create a simple Marketing plan that won’t send you into a tailspin from overwhelm.

Here’s the thing:

If you only do one thing, you’ll get the best results from sending an email to your audience every week this month.

Listen in, and I’ll share the details so you can get started on your plan.

You might think sending an email every week sounds great in theory, but you’re fresh out of ideas about what you can say?

If that’s you, I made you a podcast episode with 12 email ideas that you can take and just rinse and repeat. You can listen here.

And if you want to up your sending strategy, I’ll give you my strategy, which is designed to get you more sales from the email you send.
You can get it here.

You’ve got this!

Get a Plan to Grow Your Sales Every Month

Stop wondering if you’re “doing it right” and learn how to grow your sales in a consistent, predictable way. Spend 40 minutes with me in this eye opening workshop, and you’ll leave with a few simple steps that will grow your sales next month. Find a time that works for you.