A few weeks ago I saw a post in our Group that stopped me in my tracks.

Our Member, Alana Rivera shared an amazing story about how she was able to crush her sales goal for the month.

Her tone was confident, and I could tell that she was excited about exceeding her sales goal, but more than that, she felt confident and in control of her sales.

And that is when I knew that she could do anything this year.

Listen in, and Alana will share:

  • How she set her goal last month
  • The marketing she did each week.
  • Her best advice for a busy store owner who has limited time

There’s nothing magical, except for the result! Listen in, and then create your plan.

Visit Alana at: https://www.ettaandbillie.com

In the episode, Alana references the Predictive Conversion Tool she used to set her goal.

Get a free lesson and your own Predictive Conversion Tool when you join the Inner Circle Waitlist here.


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