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Meet Ann Chikahisa: Chikahisa Studio
Ann is such a great example of what’s possible when you get focused and become a “Marketing First” store owner. She is a jewelry designer and sells her high end pieces to customers all over the country. When we met, Ann’s sales came exclusively from wholesale and in person shows. A few years later, Ann has grown high volume sales on her website, and created a community of collectors that anxiously await her new designs. Listen in and learn how she has scaled her sales and built this loyal following.

Meet Christy Ross: Planted Places
Christy has lots of proof of concept for her high ticket, super niched product. Now she’s growing a monthly Membership to educate and support the people in her niche. Listen to her best advice as she looks back at what she has accomplished and executes her strategy to scale her membership.

Meet Katie Boteler: Miss Monogram
I often get asked if Makers can really achieve high volume sales. The answer is absolutely. Listen in as Katie shares her secret for scaling her sales even though she is the Maker in her business. Even though her advice is for Makers, every one of us could benefit by following her advice.

Meet Jen Schlinder: Acorns and Twigs
Jen runs a super busy, high volume website for crafters. She’s focused on increasing her revenue without adding in more products. You’ll be inspired by how she’s doing just that!
Make some notes and get your wheels turning.

Meet Lisa Stice: Cherokee Copper
Lisa has grown her family’s jewelry business by leaps and bounds in the last 2 years. When I asked her how she’s grown her sales by so much in such a short period, she shared advice on how she decided to manage herself and later, her team. When I heard her advice, I agreed 100%. Grab a sticky note, write it down, and put it where you can see it every day!

Meet Natalie Santini: Sew Hungry Hippie
Natalie’s business is growing so fast it’s hard to keep up. She sees tons of opportunities to grow her sales even more, but she simply does not have the time to implement.
Here’s what I love about her – even though it would be fun to give some new ideas a try, she sticks to spending her time on the things that she knows grow her sales every month.
Listen in to her rock solid growth strategy.

Meet Sam Gilhooley: Magnetix Therapy
Sam has one of the business minds I know. I’m convinced that it’s been the key to her long term success. In fact, this strategy saved her business a few years ago. I love the way she positioned her advice – for newbies and veterans alike.
Hear the story of how Sam was able to pay herself even though she couldn’t work for 15 months.

Meet Lisa Hood: Kheyleve
Lisa is our Unicorn! She’s grown her high volume skincare business without using any paid traffic. That’s a story for another day, because what I really want you to hear is how she has set a system to get lots of customers to refer their friends. She’s using her rewards program, but I want you to listen to the strategy, because you could implement something similar without using rewards.
Here’s why this is important to you: Lisa has the highest conversion rate I have ever seen Ever!

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