What would happen to your business if you suddenly weren’t able to work?

Would it survive?

In June of 2019, Sam was suddenly incapacitated by a mysterious illness that kept her bedridden for 17 months. Scary, right?

But here’s the good news. Before she got sick, Sam was actively working on automating her lead generation, email systems, and outsourcing a few key tasks.

Even though her intention was to build a foundation that freed up more time for her to work on sales, what actually happened was that she set her business up to weather the storm that was ahead.

Listen in as we talk about the few things (it really is only a few) Sam implemented that kept the sales rolling in and allowed her to keep paying herself even though she was not able to work.

It’s a perfect plan that we should all implement.

See Magnetix here: https://www.magnetixtherapy.com/

Connect with Sam and her journey with Lyme disease: https://www.facebook.com/livingwithlyme.co.uk

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