If you’ve been afraid to simplify your product selection and slash your inventory costs, you’re not alone. But before you rule it out, listen to what can happen when you rip off the bandaid and slash your inventory.

In 2020 Alexandra had her best sales month ever and finally cracked a $100K year.

Even though she was excited to reach a big milestone, she felt like she was on the verge of a breakdown.

She had several product lines, and restocking took hours each week. She was teaching online classes, selling breast pump parts, toys, carriers, and more.

Managing inventory and listing new products took a huge amount of her time each week.

She simply could not get everything done. And, she couldn’t see how she could grow her business, make money, and keep her sanity.

So, she slashed her product lines down to one category. It was a bold move that paid off in a big way.

Listen in as Alexandra shares the steps she took, and how a few months later, her sales have tripled!


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