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Today I’m chatting with Sylvie Roy the founder of Eclair Lips.

Sylvie is sharing the story of how she used a templated event that she pulled from the “Get Sales Now” unit inside of the Inner Circle Classroom.

Last month Sylvie used the “Mystery Box” event (formerly called “ninja event). Her goal was to make some sales and get rid of some labels for products that she had discontinued.

You’ll love hearing how Sylvie used this event and ultimately had her highest sales day ever. In fact, her revenue for this event was more than last year’s entire Black Friday weekend revenue.

It’s a great story in itself, but the real story is about transformation.

When you hear what’s happened in Sylvie’s business since January 2020, you’ll get clarity about managing your expectations for today’s results while being able to see what’s possible for you in the future.

The real lesson is in understanding your sales potential if you stay consistent and focused on a few marketing activities instead of jumping from “idea” to “idea”.

When you listen, you’ll learn:

  1. The reason that building an audience is the fastest way to scale
  2. Proof that Marketing is more important than product and pricing
  3. An example of how you can get sales fast, even if you don’t know where to start
  4. How to make “scaling” your sales possible.

You can visit Eclair Lips here:

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