Wouldn’t it be amazing to double your sales without having to go out and spend a bunch of money on ads?

Meet Michelle Smith, the founder of https://www.mamasuds.com/

Michelle has grown her business like many of us do. She started at home, and step by step she’s built a solid online business with multi six figure sales, employees, and a great income for her family.
She’s done a lot of things well. But until last year, she’d never implemented Reliable Revenue in her business.
Even though she’s been an Inner Circle member for years, the time wasn’t right.

She was so busy working “in” her business, that she hired some help to look after emailing her list.

In March of 2022, Michelle committed to Reliable Revenue, and started implementing right away. Even though she was worried about sending more emails, she followed the instructions and just “did it”.

And something amazing happened. Within 2 weeks, her sales from the emails she sent paid for her Reliable revenue program fee.

In fact, in March off 2022 Michelle doubled her email sends, and increased her sales from email by 8X.

In April, as we were finishing the course, Michelle doubled her email sends again, and doubled her sales from emails again.

Michelle was incredibly consistent all year, and by November, she had more than doubled her email sends again, and once again doubled her sales from email.

Here’s what else happened:
Even though she’s sending more emails than ever before, Michelle’s open rate and click rates are higher than they were before Reliable Revenue.

Michelle realized that she’s really good at email. In fact she’s really good at marketing her business. So good in fact, that late in 2022, she hired enough help that she’s no longer working “in” her business. Instead, she works “on” her business. And that means she’s finally able to take time away without falling behind in production and shipping.

In a year many business struggled, Mamasuds had it’s best year ever in 2022.

Listen to the episode to hear:

  • The Reliable Revenue send strategy that can double your sales from email.
  • How to keep more of your subscribers engaged.
  • How you can get better open and click rates.

Don’t miss your chance to learn how you can create more sales without spending more money.
Join Susan for our Reliable Revenue Workshop.
You’ll use your data to build your Reliable Revenue marketing plan.
For only $15 you leave with a list of work you can do next month to get on track to have your best year yet.

Link for workshop: thesocialsalesgirls.com/rrw


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