There’s one thing I recommend you do now to get more sales, and it’s time sensitive! But the truth is that this is something you should do every month, to grow your sales, and make your business stronger.

I’m talking about taking some time to focus on converting the unconverted.

In plain language, I want you to acquire some new customers this month.

The weeks between Thanksgiving and the end of the year are your best opportunity to get the non buyers on your list to hit that buy button and check out. Here’s what I think you should do:

  1.  Decide on the date you’ll ship before Christmas.
  2.  Figure how many weeks you have between today and your last shipping date
  3.  Choose a product to feature each week
  4.  Build a segment of people who are on your list and haven’t purchased. Name it “non buyers”
  5.  Create a personal email, from you for each product
  6.  Listen to the episode for tips on the subject line and email content (it’s easy and compelling)
  7.  Include your “last day to ship” in big, bold text. This is your reason to buy now.
  8.  Send the email 3 times during the week. Here’s the strategy


–>Day 1: Send the email to your “non buyers” segment

–>Day 2: Change your subject line and send the same email to everyone who did not open

–>Day  5: Send the same email to everyone who opened or clicked, but didn’t buy.

This is a simple, repeatable strategy that you can use every single month to acquire new customers. Create a reason to buy using scarcity, urgency, or exclusivity, and you’ll be all set!


Not seeing the results you want yet?

Come spend 40 mins with me and I’ll show you how to get sales every day:

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