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This episode is full of “aha” moments.

One of the most powerful things you can do for your business is to become what I call a “Marketing First” Store Owner.

It sounds fancy, but really it means that you prioritize marketing over all the other “things” that take up your work hours.

Today we’re talking about what a Marketing First store owner does – and how to stay on track

I invited one of my favorite Inner Circle Members, Melissa Davies, to join me today. When I think of a Marketing First store owner, a picture of Melissa pops into my head.

Melissa has generously offered to share her Sales Funnel with us, so you’ll get to see her actual numbers.

We’re going to talk about her funnel – and why she does this work, even though she has a successful store, and she’s really good at marketing

Melissa shared her Sales Funnel numbers for the last 30 days, and when I saw what she was doing, my jaw dropped.

We talked about what she did to grow her audience and traffic massively since she’s been using the Sales Funnel, and then we talked about what her strategy should be to maintain these numbers.

We wrapped up with 1-3 action steps that Melissa can take right now!

The Sales Funnel framework works beautifully for store owners at all stages of business

I love it because it makes it easy to develop an effective action plan for each month.

You know exactly what your business needs NOW, and once you know, it’s easy to become a Marketing First store owner.

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