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When it comes time for me to update you on my sales at Sock Doggo, I always sweat a bit.

My sales should be better, and I should be growing faster.

I wonder if you feel that way about your business too?

Anyway, I know we’re all juggling a lot, and none of us have as much time as we want when we have a growing business, and a list of ideas as long as our arm.

So in this episode, I’m drilling down and sharing exactly what worked to get sales. The tactic.

And I’m sharing what I did that worked because I know there will be something in that list that you can grab and implement. And it will make your business better.

Grab a pen.

And last thing: If you want to make yourself feel better fast, take a look at what’s working in your business. Use a chunk of time, like 6 months or a year. I promise you’ll feel like you can control your results, and you’ll walk away with a short list of things you can do to grow this year.

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