In this episode Claudia Howard is walking us through a sneaky little tactic that will 2x the number of emails you collect on your site. And you can do it without driving any more traffic.

It’s a Gated Page.

It sounds fancy and technical, but it’s not really.

In the episode, we’re talking about how you can create a full screen pop-up to “gate” a Page or Collection.  One of the easiest Collections to use for this strategy is a “Sale” collection.

Here’s how it works:

When web visitors click on your “Sale” collection from the navigation, any visitors who are not on your email list will see a full Page pop up that tells them this collection is “Reserved for insiders only. In order to see the collection, they need to enter their email address.

Once they submit their email, the pop-up disappears and the collection is reveled.

Here’s why it’s important to you:

First,  you don’t have to offer a discount to get a new lead. The hook is “exclusivity”

But here’s the best part:

These visitors have high purchase intent. It’s not unusual for the submit rates on this pop-up to be double the submit rates on your discount pop-up.

And these new subscribers are Buyers. Claudia sees this list of subscribers convert  at 16% – 25%!!!

It’s a strategy that you can use too.

Grab a pen, and listen to the episode. You’ll get step by step instructions so you can set it up too, and I share ideas that will open your mind to how you can use a Gated page on your site.


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