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Come behind the scenes with me as I share my most recent “aha” moment.

It’s a simple concept, but it’s an incredibly powerful way for us to:

  • Visually see the status of our marketing and monitor it every month
  • Know at a glance what we need to focus on
  • Understand how we can set ourselves up to sell more every month.

Here’s the Sales Funnel Graphic I promised you

I have to give our  Ads Made Easy Coach, Cathay Hayhurst credit for sparking this idea, and a big thanks to Tina Bar-On, our Member Success Coach, and Kelly Barth for creating this training for our Members.

Get a Plan to Grow Your Sales Every Month

Stop wondering if you’re “doing it right” and learn how to grow your sales in a consistent, predictable way. Spend 40 minutes with me in this eye opening workshop, and you’ll leave with a few simple steps that will grow your sales next month. Find a time that works for you.