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In this episode you’ll meet Laurel Thompson. She’s Inner Circle Famous, and after you meet her on this episode, you’ll understand why.

Today Laurel is sharing how she finally hit the wall (in frustration) stopped trying to grow her business using Ads, and decided to spend her time growing traffic organically.

You’ll hear what she did to get the right people to her site for free, and how she set her site up to be really sticky!

You’ll love this because it’s a foundation-building, long-term strategy that many of you can use!

I also promised to share a fun little known fact about Laurel. It will make you smile.

When I asked her if there was anything else I should know, this was her answer.

“Fun fact: in a former life I was a touring musician and I’ve played music all over Europe and the UK”

Clearly, her talents are endless. I’m definitely going to ask her to be my opening act for the next live meet-up!

In the meantime, check her out here:

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