Today I’m talking with my good friend Ciara Stockeland about how store owners like us can get control of our cash, understand our financials, and finally stop sweating about our cash flow.

I am a big fan of Ciara’s because she’s a long time Retailer turned Profit First Expert.

That’s important, because she understands inventory based businesses, and how common it is for us to struggle with cash flow because we are continually buying inventory or raw materials.

We’ve both seen too many smart store owners be stressed to max from continually juggling their cash. Even though it might feel like you’re failing, or “not good” at the money part, the truth is that managing your cash flow and profit is just a problem to solve.

And it is solve-able.

Listen in as Ciara and I talk about the strategies she teaches in her new book, Inventory Genius.

It might be the most valuable 20 minutes you spend this month.


Get your copy of Inventory Genius here:

Get the Inventory Genius course here:

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